Buy Wilson combat arms online from us and get your favorite Wilson combat gun shipped to any FFL of your choosing. Wilson Combat Pistols are legendary firearms of the highest quality. As a Wilson Combat Arms master dealer, we’ll bring you special selections of unique handguns made to exacting standards by expert pistolsmiths. Wilson combat arms builds the best in carry pistols including the Wilson Combat 1911 from the grips to the frame, as well as an array of CQBs for defense, competition, and carry. Tactical shooters often choose Wilson Combat’s close quarter battle pistol. The tactical LE model meets the needs of SWAT teams and Special Ops. Standard features support rapid target acquisition in any environment or lighting conditions. If tactical functions are essential, pick up a Wilson combat pistol with carbon-steel construction and an integral light rail frame.


A custom pistol manufacturer in Berryville, Arkansas, Wilson Combat was founded by Bill Wilson in 1977 and specializes in customizing and manufacturing M1911A1 Colt Pistols. Originally customizing pistols with aftermarket parts from gunsmiths, including Armand Swensen, Wilson began building his own M1911 pistols completely in-house in 1996. Wilson Combat pistols are currently used by U.S. Special Forces, including Delta Force and Navy SEALS units. In 2000, Wilson Combat Arms bought Scattergun Technologies and started marketing combat shotguns under the name Wilson Combat Scattergun Technologies. Wilson Combat arms currently manufactures and customizes AR-platform rifles, Beretta pistols, and shotguns.



Wilson Combat CQB Is Excellence in Full or Compact Sizes

The Wilson Combat CQB in a compact has the features of the full-size pistol with smaller dimensions and less weight. The slide on the compact is shorter, as are the gun grips, making it easier to conceal. This Wilson Combat CQB pistol has a stainless steel match grade bull barrel for exceptional accuracy in a concealed pistol. Wilson Combat arms also sets high industry standards for accuracy with its sporting rifles. Wilson combat arms are available in compact, lightweight sizes and durable construction for performance in the field.

Wilson Combat Pistols Technical Specifications

According to the manufacturer, Wilson Combat pistols are compacted versions of the full-size John Browning Colt 1911 we all know and love. The functional differences between full-size and compact M11911 pistols are slide mass and speed. The compact pistols have increased cycle speed because when mass is reduced and propelled with the same energy, cycle speed increases. To slow down the slide cycle, Wilson Combat arms increases the force needed to cock the hammer of Wilson Combat pistols by using heavier springs and lowering the hammer’s leverage point. Wilson Combat pistols include modern flat-wire recoil springs designed to enhance the pistol’s reliability; these springs hold their length and tension much longer than standard round wire springs.